September 30, 2009

because it needs to be said more...

Sofia Coppala you are a genius!
you always provide my eyes with the feast of a lifetime.
Thank you.

a pink polka dot kind of day

You can usually tell what kind of day I'm having thus far based on the mug I'm drinking my afternoon coffee from.
Well today happens to be a pink polka dot kind of day!

Maybe it's because it finally feels like fall, or because my skinny jeans fit again, or perhaps it's because I got a package in the mail.
It's even a pink polka dot kind of day despite my lamp turning out an in your face green instead of charming green.

Now I will finish my cup of Joe while baby boy sleeps (or sings) and when he wakes up, it's off to wal mart for us for some new spray paint!
*this lamp color happens to photograph well, it's not so charming in real life*

September 24, 2009

Oh Martha Stewart...

how I love you

now I just need to order a few of these from Kodak. Thanks Martha for making everyting beautiful.


I think this is so great ... unsolicited letters to everyone in the small Irish town of Cushendall ... next up the world.

September 22, 2009

happy unbirthday

Today my little sunshine turns six months!
Growing more day by day you bring complete joy to my life. You are our gentle giant and before you grow anymore I must write down all that you are at this very moment.
You so smart and full of curiosity chasing your shadow in the mornings, finding the trash can and other things youre not suppose to get into, mimicking mommy and daddy's movements, gestures, and sounds. Such a happy baby, always singing, talking, and laughing. Sometimes you are so funny you make your self squeal with laughter. At nap times you sing and squeal and bang your feet making music until you tire yourself out. You like to be on the move, walking with help, jumping, scooting, you are just starting to crawl with you belly off the floor (yay Ollie!) You blow kisses and raspberries but more than anything you love to receive them. Tickling is your favorite. You still hold my hand when youre lazying back in my arms drinking your bottle and cuddle with me in the mornings. You are so sweet and lovable. Your mellow happy disposition makes me glow and I know I had nothing to do with it. you were born to make me glad.

going through some old photos on photobucket

and a few made me smile...

From when husband and I were first wed. I'm trying to figure out the camera, and it kept taking pictures (shutter speed?) and captured Matt attacking me. I never did figure out how to make the camera do that again.
Matt's handy work
I made tutus for us to wear to see SATC -and well my friends are the best!
No explanation needed. :)
Jimmy boy loves us. (or is that the other way around?)

September 16, 2009

free printables for your pleasure

Things to do list for busy moms, so cute!

Who knew strawberry short cakes could get any more delicious looking!?!

Meal planner that won't make you dread the idea of planning meals!
click here to download
thank you Project Girl (found via Lindsay Writing - check out her blog to see what she did with her free printable!)
If Oliver could talk I think he would ask me to stop cranking up the ac just so I can dress him in cardigans.

In which case I would have to tell him super heroes wear cardigans. (because sometimes moms have to fib, when their kid looks this cute in a sweater design intended for a 50 year old man).

September 10, 2009

Is it considered a workout...

if your abs hurt because you were laughing too hard?

Strange Kid Lip Syncing - Watch more Funny Videos

Secret confession #113:
I would so be best friends with this kid and choreograph moves to go with his lip syncing.

September 09, 2009

sometimes i'm afraid

that my heart will melt.

quote of the day

CSPAN kicks ass!!
-oh my nerdy husband of course

Scarf Swap!

Do you love scarfs? Do you love receiving packages in the mail? Do you love fun ways to meet new people?

If you answered yes to any of the following head on over to Loves of Life to participate in some good ol' scarf swapping!
I'm all about sharing fun sites today... Who knew cardboard could be so romantic? Well I guess I didn't pick the most romantic examples but go here and let some cardboard make you swoon.
Hate math? Not anymore - thanks to New Math! Now this is my kind of math...

September 08, 2009


secret confession #238 I LOVE me some Marky Mark

September 04, 2009

oh what's a girl to do

Hello my name is Katie and I am a Craigslist addict...

Okay now that we got that out of the way let me continue, I have quite the conundrum, let me start by saying I am married to a sailor which means I am well cough on the poorer side of the tracks. Now let me show you what I found on my morning search on Craigslist...

What you aren't excited?!? Well let me show you what it could and would be...

Oh didn't you just gasp out loud or was that only me? (done by the one and only Eddie Ross)
So the seller is asking $195 (gasp again).
But it really would be an investment don't you think?
And I have the perfect spot already picked out for it.
So I ask you what is a girl to do?

September 03, 2009

Kate Spade's entire fall collection (and for her to be my bff)
sod aka green grass in my back yard
Penguin Classics designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith

oh and I think Oliver covets these...

also designed by the wonderful Coralie Bickford-Smith