June 24, 2010

smiling eyes

Today husband's leave starts! For the next five days he's all mine!! We will be doing a little bit of grilling, a little bit of swimming, a pinch of partying, a dash of kissing, and oh yea totally gutting the backyard. I'm not looking forward to the gutting, since it involves sweating, lifting, bugs of sorts. But a girl who has her husband home for five days straight can't complain!

*the top photo was painted by yours truly.

June 21, 2010

the first day of summer...

Happy (day after) Father's Day!

(17th isn't so bad out of the billions out there.)

June 18, 2010

My Son the Genius

disclaimer: Full on bragging mom post. Sorry can't stop myself.

Today Oliver went over to the toilet pulling at his diaper, I'm excited mearly by the fact he is showing any interest in the toilet and decide to go ahead and let him sit on it just for fun. He's about to take a bath so I go ahead and take off his diaper prior. Well my little genius peed on the potty! Well started to pee but then my husbandS "oh my god hes peeing" made him pause for a moment then he went ahead and peed some more! Pee pee dance was danced for the rest of the night because my 14 month genius not only got his dads brain but his moms moves. :)

June 17, 2010

Today Oliver and I...

sat outside and watched two birds in the yard.

went to gammas 4th grade class and had a dance party played on the computers and ate yummy watermelon and brownies.

went to starbucks for some coffee and biscotti.

had a pool party in the back yard. pretended it was raining with the hose and put our faces under water to blow bubbles.

read about dump trucks then played trucks and dinosaurs. (Dinosaurs love to kiss mommy and have piggy back rides.)

cuddled with some chocolate milk because it was a special chocolate milk kind of day.

bloody brilliant!

painted molding to hang your heels! Must try this asap!

June 16, 2010

It's raining it's pouring

June 15, 2010

confession #93

June 14, 2010

Top O the morning to you

June 10, 2010

starting the day on the right foot

Ive realized having the blues isn't so bad if you have a little sunshine yellow to go along with it.
It is a new day!