October 23, 2009

how to make a bow tie

Little gentlemen need little gentlemen attire...plus it's just too darn easy and cute not to make!
Directions stolen from here...then slightly altered...

1. 1.5" ribbon, 8" long .

2. Fold one end as shown

3. Fold the other end. This is the back view of the bow

4. Top view

5. Fold in half , I dabbed hot glue to keep it in place.

6. Side view of step 5

7. Fold one of the edge in half, and hot glue.

8. Fold the other edge, and hot glue.
9. top view.
10. Cover the elastic thread by wrapping 3/8" ribbon around the center. Then hot glue the bow on lined alligator clips.

and youre done!

and oh yes, it can be a hair bow as well!
Oliver's cousin Layla <3

October 08, 2009

just when I thought I couldn't love coffee anymore...

Oh I am so using this on my husband when ever baby #2 is on the way - this is not hinting at anything, I just plan waaaay ahead :)

Buy them here found via madebygirl

October 06, 2009

Old Mother Hubbard has nothing on me!

My Fridge.
Looks like any normal fridge from the outside...

and then you open it.
yes my fridge a bare.
with the exception of a surprisingly large amount of wine...
and milk and eggs that have long ago expired.
and you are correct in thinking even the poor light bulb has burned out.

Now I was going to go buy food today because I am well starving.
But then my poor college student baby sister called...
and she has a research paper she has to have done by 4:00...
which she hasn't started.
And since I revealed to her
secret confession #83- I love school work, note taking, flash cards, researching, and all that college entails.
She has turned to me for *help* on her paper.
So I am now willing to pay someone one million dollars to go grocerry shopping for me, any type of food will do, just don't forget the creamer.
Thank you,
The Young Mother Hubbard

Thank you Taryn!

First let me introduce you to my scarf swap friend Taryn, soon to be Mrs.Jones! You can find her blog here. It is a must read with everything from how her adorable fiance proposed, to wedding palnning, diy, giveaways, and a picture or two of her cute cats. Aren't they just ridiculously adorable?!?

Okay now for the sacrfs. Let me just say I hit the jack pot of scarf swap partners, not only did Taryn send me a super cute scarf, she sent me a second one because she couldn't decide which I would like better! Ummm she is the best! Now here they are..
I made the mistake of turning my back while they were reachable to Oliver. He likes the blue one apparently. :)

October 04, 2009

some photoshop fun

would these not have been some darling couples :)

done by worth1000.com