August 31, 2009

If you were wondering if you could spray paint anything, the answer is yes! And I have to admit that I indeed do. Case in point my door knobs. Here is what they looked like before...

But with a bit of primer and a coat of rubbed bronze spray paint I now have door knobs that match the new light fixtures we've (aka my husband) have installed. The only down side is you will want to spray paint everything you own this color.

August 29, 2009

So Little Green Notebook completely inspired this next project (aka I totally copied her brilliance.) I bought this grandfather clock on craigslist for a whopping $50! It chimes and dongs and everything! So I sanded it, painted it gray, paint some of the details white, spray painted the metal knobs white, and wha la!

August 21, 2009


via Lindsay via Kelly

ten things I want to do before I die...

Own a home on the beach, not just any home but
the most fabulous home known to the sea.

Become a Renaissance woman. I want t
o absorb so much knowledge that I could kill you with my brain. I want to be a historian, an artist, a politician, a designer, and the list goes on.

Raise the most amazing kids starting with my son Oliver. He will be a man so great Cary Grant wouldn't be worthy of portraying him in a film. And enjoy every second of raising my little mamas boy.

Eat all my favorite foods in one sitting.

Live by all the people my heart needs on a daily basis and not just one at a time but all of them will be by me.

Be amazing and unforgettab

Love my husband with every ounce of love I have from the beginning to the end.

Spread some of that knowledge I will gain.

Have the perfect hair, face, and body day - yes all three on the same day - statistically it has to happen eventually.

Kick someones ass. I know I know, it isn't very nice. But the heart can't help what it wants. I have just always wanted to get into a fight and kick some booty. I dream of it often and I have to tell you dream Katie is pretty fierce.

August 10, 2009

Retro swim cap found here. Bamboo chairs found on Design Sponge (I'm desperately looking for some cheap ones I can fix up aka spray paint). Laptop found here. (I miss using a pc, I'm just not cool enough for my mac).

So how cute are these little boxes I found via how about orange found via style me pretty!?! So adorable! The best part is the designer Kathleen from twig and thistle shares, so you can have your very own favor boxes!


To download the pink polka dots, click right here. To download the yellow stripes, click right here. To download the pink flowers, click right here. To download the yellow waves, click right here.

All you have to do, is print the template onto an 8.5×11” piece of card stock with a color printer. Score along dotted lines with a bone folder and a ruler. With an x-acto knife and ruler, cut along solid lines. Fold box together and tape shut with double-sided tape where indicated.

August 08, 2009

I have found the inspiration for my bedroom!

These ads for Miss Dior Cherie! So playful and romantic, they make my eyes very happy. Soon I will wake up every morning feeling like I'm in a Sofia Coppola movie, what more could a girl ask for. Oh and check out this playful site for the perfume.

I'm thinking my color palette will look something like this...

August 07, 2009

Q: What's the worst thing that could happen to a mom of a baby who hates sleeping?

A: She breaks her source of caffeine...

the magic of white spray paint and a new lamp shade from Target (on clearance!)
my lamp's new home...